Security Services

Partner with Semita for support in achieving your goals, whether you are implementing an end-to-end security program for your global/local operation, trying to understand your security position/vulnerabilities, perform Kaizen to close known gaps, or dealing with a security breach.

Cyber / Information

Our patrons obtain the best strategies, frameworks, practices and solutions for protecting assets including, digital information, networks, hardware, software and data from unauthorized access or attacks.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Information Security services includes operational framework, policy and business objective alignment, policy development, operational controls, risk management, compliance strategy and Kaizen programs.

Assessments, Auditing, and Testing

Assessments, auditing and testing allow our patrons to understand their unmanaged risk, gaps in compliance with internal or external party requirements or proactively discover weaknesses.


Computer and Security Forensics services ensure our patrons discover, collect, process, preserve and analyze patterns of suspicious activities in electronic or physical format supporting internal or external party investigations.